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For a while I’ve been searching for a name for a new project. A word, a phrase, a something to call this project that is still materializing. I think I found it? As part of the research process, I did an image search to see if there were any top-level reasons against the name or word. I consider finding only Word-generated logos and/or loosely related memes signals to potential name availability and an invitation to further consider. If the name passes that phase, it only has to stand the test of time and the test of design. Lot’s of questions are asked. If it’s right, answers will arrive. If it’s not, the name will lose momentum somewhere along the line. What’s nice is this is a win/win situation once you know even the wrong name is one idea closer to the right name and that there is value in evolution. It creates history. And who doesn’t love a brand with history? So yes, I’m running another idea through the machine and we’ll see if it sticks. Upon writing this, it already doesn’t feel 100% but does it make ¢?