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Okay, “a designer’s fantasy trend” is a part of a quote by Angie Schottmuller speaking on ghost buttons and their popularity despite their violation of usability laws. I use ghost buttons for the aesthetic. And finding them out in the wild is not difficult. We are part of a problem. If there is one. But this post isn’t about ghost button usability. It’s about the idea of “a designer’s fantasy trend”. I think I read about Dropbox’s branding update a little too close after reading about ghost buttons. What is a designer’s fantasy trend? A designer’s fantasy trend is an aesthetic that becomes popular whether it makes sense or not. It’s polarizing. It’s novel. It probably shouldn’t work in the way that it does. It’s taste tripping the #FOMO monster. It’s new and exciting and totally not scary. And it’s unalterably life changing. The brutalist web design movement has warmed the waters for the renaissance of the internet. It’s a good time to be a left of center designer. Just watch. Why yes, I do have a cold, why do you ask?