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I just finished this mornings meditation and instead of writing my takeaway in my 1 subject 70 sheet college ruled notebook as I’ve been, it sounded like a better idea to write a blog post instead because this session built upon some other themes I’ve been noticing recently. Lately I’ve been seeing signs pointing me towards Paris. Here’s some backstory: I studied French for years starting in high school, in part because I couldn’t roll my R’s in order to learn Spanish and enjoy it. French was fun and easy to learn with the wonderfully engaging teachers I had along the way. I used to think and dream in French all the time. I really loved it. That was a long time ago and I’ve lost all of my fluency since then.

Fast forward to today… or specifically to a few weeks ago I had the impulse to ask my sister-in-law if I could borrow her Rosetta Stone for French without any specific reason, it just popped up in my head that I should. Around the same time or a little before, I had an intense meditation visualization where I was in the Palace of Versailles when Takashi Murakami had a retrospective there in 2010. I remember what it felt like to be in that space physically and the meditation transported me right to that feeling. It was amazing. Again about the same time I had another interesting experience that doesn’t specifically take me to Paris but London. It wasn’t a meditation it was something else. Just before waking, I quite seriously thought I was waking up in a hotel in London. It was really amazing how real it felt for the fleeting moments before reality informed me I was still in my apartment in NYC. I wrote pages and pages of that experience because it was so vivid, I was able to find which hotel I was at (The Soho Hotel) although I’ve never been there. I saw my dog Hugo. I saw the London cityscape. I knew I was there for work, but not clear on more than that. Then, earlier this week I was nosing around the Parsons (my alma mater) website and by chance landed on the Parsons Paris program, which is a student program but the idea is still there: Paris! Okay, now we arrive to today, just an hour or so ago in meditation I once again fly over to Paris, then all over Europe, but it starts out in Paris.

In truth, After New York City, Paris, London, and Tokyo have always been on the map of places I’d like to live during this lifetime. My 8th year anniversary living here in New York passed recently and my lease is up for renewal next spring. It would be silly to not entertain a change in scenery if only for a short while. Okay I’m going to end it there. I can go on and on but I must get some food in me and carry on with the day. It’s going to be an exciting one, I’ve broken through my designers block and things are gonna get weird on my demo reel. Oh! one more piece of evidence I may be headed to Paris: I’m going to see Yelle tomorrow haha! Je veux te voir dans une filme pornographique!