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I’m on YouTube. I can explain.

It started back in December 2016 after watching a video Mackenzie Child made about the equipment he uses for his channel. He went on about how he uses the Canon G7X for his vlogs, as does Casey Neistat. The picture quality looked nice, the price was doable, and I loved that the display flipped over to the front of the camera. It got me thinking, if I were to start a channel, it would likely start vlog-style but I had zero videos at that time so I was basing it off nothing more than speculation. Also it’s important to note, I’m not a photographer/videographer. It’s pretty much the only skill not in my designer toolbox. However, I do edit like a beast and I’ve wanted to get back into motion graphics and starting a YouTube channel has been something I’ve wanted to do since 2013 so I made a promise that if I bought the camera, I’d have to take this project seriously. I jumped onto Craigslist and I found a G7X had been posted for sale just 1 hour ago that same day. Within a couple days it was mine. Synchronicity is real yall.

Fast-forward to now, at the time of this post I have 8 videos up. It’s not a lot but it’s a process I’m committed to. I’ve had to let go of some heavy expectations and let it be what it is and allow the content to evolve as it will. If you go there now you’ll mostly find EDM shows but the idea had always been for the channel to be design focused as well as music focused. I had to be okay that these shows were the easiest to work with and that with time I’ll eventually get to producing design-centered content.

I don’t know what this channel will evolve into and that’s my favorite part. I just posted the Madeon show last night and I’m dedicated to riding the wave and getting onto the next video, whatever that may be. So that’s it for now. I’m returning from a bit of a hiatus and will be returning to social media and this blog as well as just being more active online in general.