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I’ve decided it’s necessary to have more structure to my days now that I’ve been out in the wild freelancing for a couple months. These conditions could make anyone lose track of reality but I’m especially prone. The election is tomorrow so this whole list could be interrupted with frantic plans to move out of the country.
10 things other than work I want to do this week
1- snapchat every day
2- blog twice a week
3- instagram memes I made
4- play launchpad every day
5- upload one song to soundcloud
6- play djay2 every day
7- vj in after effects, snap/instragram it
8- do yoga twice
9- start that one screenplay
10- get insurance sorted
I’m an indoor girl. I also just realized I’m listening to two different sources of music at the same time. The radio is quietly playing Arensky (thanks Shazam) on WQXR and my computer is playing The Antlers. It’s just one of those days isn’t it. Ok, first blog post is done. Next one will probably be at the end of the week to check on my progress. Now I’m going to get out of bed and do some of these things. Off to the races.