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I’m finally posting this draft title that I wrote August 31st, 2015. It had only a single incomplete sentence so I decided to start it over. The sentence was enough to understand why I started it. Oliver Sacks died the day before the original post date and I wanted to write about it because his work played such a large part in the direction I took the subject matter I worked with in grad school at Parsons. He deserves a well thought out post from me, but that’s not what will happen right now. I opened this draft and decided to use the title because this weekend was important.

I’m aware this design blog doesn’t really talk about design as far as tips, tuts, or inspiration really goes. I’d wildly blame my long-held stance of keeping a distance from other people’s work because I didn’t want it to influence my own style as much as I could control it. It’s possible to blur your vision but it’s impossible to not see what else is being done out there.

Let me set the scene: I’m at the Seattle Tacoma airport at a Mexican restaurant near B4, on my second large local IPA which is quite nice. I arrived over 4 hours early to the airport, but right now I’m an hour out before boarding. I’m heading to Colorado for a short stint before returning to NYC. After writing and deleting many perfectly good intros to what I want to talk about, I’ve decided maybe this post is better suited for my writing blog and not my design blog. What I’m going to talk about is my direction in life, how I’m perceiving its evolution, and what to do about it. I don’t know how to articulate it yet so while this is all in development, I’m going to keep it off my design blog. Just know life changes and realizations appear and it’s nothing to be frightened of, just something to examine and understand. Everyone is here for a purpose and I feel a realignment or some kind of refinement is in store if not already in process. Stay in tune with your life and be happy whoever reads this 🙂 <3