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This is why I need to immediately write a draft of what I want the blog post to be about because I’m not remembering clearly what this was supposed to be about. I see it was edited sept 1 2015, which I’m guessing is actually the creation date, but I didn’t bother to do anything more than post the meme I generated without any context. Full disclosure, I have quite a few draft posts right now and I’m not sure what to expect now. It seems like I could very likely open a post with a meme and nothing more again when I thought maybe there would be more than that. I still intend to post everything I have in draft because why not? It would appear I had something to say but didn’t quite know how to articulate it. Part of why I feel more committed to writing for this blog is to not be so strict about how or what or why I post what I do. That extends to tone and depth of each post. It doesn’t matter right now 🙂 That said, it would be great if it pointed in some way back to being a designer. I don’t know how this blog is going to evolve, but it will be exciting to see. Until then, no context memes.