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It appears that I have ignored this blog for 6 months. in an hour it will be 6 months and 12 hours but it doesn’t matter. It is interesting that it’s a nice clean 6 months. But this is not what I want this post to be about. It’s Memorial Day, my back is sunburned like any proper american who hit the beach memorial day weekend.  Again, this isn’t what I want to write about either. Maybe get to the point? Okay well I’m just painting the scene for my mood right now as I type this because it really matters, doesn’t it. But first, I’ve gotta take care of this coat of sand on me, then I’m going to get to work. Before that, however, I wanted to get excited about the work I will be doing today so I fired up the portfolio site, because I’m still wondering if I want to keep wordpress or continue with the static site I’ve been building over on the devtips youtube channel. I want to, but I’d need to work with my hosting service on that and i’m not too excited about that idea. Maybe isn’t the portfolio site, it’s a hub, and I can build the static site in a new location. Why make this difficult? Let’s go with that. I need to get this sand out of my hair brb then ima get in on and all up in that. Time jump, it’s 9pm. I’ve done a little work work, watched a lot of south park, called my mother, ate lots of things, and yes worked on my portfolio, which I am doing now. I’m doing some research into svg graphics as I’d really like to implement these correctly. As mentioned, I’ve decided to keep working on the static portfolio site in a new location, most likely as a github page. I’ll get to that later, tonight I’m focusing on the layout and projects I will be including.

I’m adopting a brutalist web design style, which is great to know it has a name. For me, it’s all about breaking rules and turning practical, functional design into works of modern art. I want to redefine what the work means when it’s presented in the context of a designers portfolio. It’s like another opportunity to articulate my point of view as a practical designer and an observant artist. I just want to also point out that it’s not my intention to obscure the real work so much that it loses all of its authority as a real life solution, but I do want to reinterpret it just a little to give the work new life.