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This post isn’t going to be about design, so back out if that’s what you’re looking for. It has been a lazy saturday morning and afternoon spent listening to Moth episodes, ordering from Fresh Direct for the first time, reading a thing on zero ui, and spinning around google maps. One of the Moth storytellers was talking about living on an island called Dominica. Google maps showed me it is a Carribean island, and a google search informs me that Dominica actually just suffered terrible loss from a powerful hurricane today. What sad news to discover. I hope that woman’s family is okay.

It’s Hurricane Katrina’s 10 year anniversary, and I remember watching news coverage at work, which was editing video for newspapers around the country. I’ll get into it another time. It was around then that my brother was starting business school at Tulane. The details of the timeline is fuzzy how long it was he moved to New Orleans after Katrina. The first time I visited New Orleans, I think the following October, I saw multiple huge piles of wreckage along the side of a main street. The second and third times evidence of Katrina was still there. As it sounds in media reports, some people are still recovering. It was heartbreaking to see for myself, but damn does New Orleans have resilience and soul. I’ll always be in love with that city.