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Let’s start with a scrum update because the days I immerse I am pretty fixated on being as productive here as I try to be in the office. Productivity looks and feels different when immersing but I think the point is to approach the work in a different perspective. Sometimes immersing isn’t helpful though so I when I don’t think I will be productive, I won’t take one that week, which I was thinking about doing today, but decided to immerse anyway. The deciding factor is if I can take working on my one 15″ retina macbook pro rather than the dual monitor setup I have in the office. Not too bad for logo design since it’s a small concentated area that I’m working on, but for visual design it’s pretty painful to layout entire pages. Broad strokes and concepts are fine, but anything pinning down layout and you’re gonna have a bad time.

Yesterday morning I was working on the tech rally logo, then I was on the styleguide for the rest of the day. I started setting up the line-height section, icons, and sorting the colors. I still want to get this up on conceptboard for Tom and Jeanne to have a look. Although yesterday was mostly unproductive, I did get a minute to see the current styleguide site. The only part I didn’t include in my current comps is the left side nav, so I am including that today. Other than that, I think what I designed should be easy to implement and I’m good with the direction it’s going. I am reading now that the real accomplishment of a living styleguide is the successful collaboration between design and dev teams coming together to create this aspect of the project that is really the intersection of both worlds.

wow btw, I’ve literally been listening to The Weeknd’s new album all day. Entire thing is a pure joy. Okay, I think it’s time to get back to work and do the things I wrote about doing.