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Finally a breakthrough on the styleguide. I’ve been spinning my wheels in the attempt to create a document that has a clear intention, isn’t overstyled but has a defined and intentional style that continues from the application itself. While I fully understand that the actual aesthetics of the styleguide isn’t nearly as important as simply its existence (as evidence of productive cross-pollination of skills between dev and design) but that doesn’t stop me from clawing my way to creating a document that is designed well. The trick was finding the middleground between overstyled and oversimplified, that also remains something of a visual extension of the application. I’ll have to edit these ideas later but do you get what I am saying? I promise I’m going somewhere with this but I am distracted now because some sites are crap and don’t do the one thing they’re supposed to do and I have to go put them on notice brb 💌